Chief Operating Officer

As Head of Operations, Keanu oversees business affairs and strategy implementation. In addition to corporate strategy, he is instrumental in behind the scenes production and film financing. Prior to Carte Blanche, he spent 6 years active duty in the United States Air Force and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Pepperdine University.

Growing up in an industry-centric family in Los Angeles, he always knew that he would become a part of the filmmaking process. Constantly getting lost on film sets as a child while accompanying his father and aunt, veterans Brett Mayo and LaLette Littlejohn, Keanu developed a strong passion and love for filmmaking rivaled only by his love for finance. 

His goal is to construct strong and compelling stories that speak to a wide audience. He hopes to spark within others the same fascination with film that he has to this day.

“The difference between telling a story to the world or to a handful of people all depends on who you get it in front of.” -Keanu Mayo

Kyle Stroud

Chief Executive Officer

Keanu Mayo

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Ponce

Chief Marketing Officer

Tristin Alexandria

Chief Development Officer